Your company as a green energy provider

Renablr® empowers businesses, including supermarkets, retailers, banks, and others to transform into green energy providers for both their employees and customers. We gather renewable energy like solar power from your company's own infrastructure, offering a regional and cost-effective energy tariff branded for your company. On top, we build add-on services leading to attractive synergies with the core business and high margins.



Companies become green energy providers of their employees & customers

Add-On Revenue

Company-owned solar infrastructure results in new value creation models and income

Business Streams

Seamless integration into your core business to create green business models



Auri is a newly designed energy brand under Raiffeisenlandesbank Niederösterreich-Wien, introducing a green energy ecosystem open to all. Auri One pioneers by providing employees and customers with a green, regional energy tariff. Next, users can access energy from specific solar projects, with plans to incorporate private solar installations as local energy sources. Looking ahead, Auri aims to establish a renewable energy-based currency, broadening transactions from monetary to energy-based exchanges.


With X-POWR the XXXLutz Group, one of the world’s largest furniture retailers, became a renewable energy provider for both their employees and customers. As part of the 'XXXL for Tomorrow' strategy, XXXLutz is leading the transition towards sustainable energy by providing highly affordable, locally sourced green energy in Austria. Breaking ground as first retailer, XXXLutz is utilizing its well-established distribution channels to expand its core offerings with X-POWR. Now, XXXLutz plans to expand its own rooftop solar capacity and enable customers to contribute their energy surplus to the X-POWR ecosystem, marking a significant stride towards a sustainable future.


We are dedicated to actively shaping the transition to renewable energy. Teaming up with BB1, we position ourselves as catalysts and facilitators in the energy sector, creating a green future for our employees and customers.

Michael Höllerer

Managing Director, Raiffeisenbank NÖ-W

Our partnership with is a vital asset in advancing our ‘XXXL for tomorrow’ strategy. The swift launch of X-POWR speaks to our professional and effective collaboration. I'm looking forward to expanding our X-POWR.

Sascha Matzner

Head of ESG, XXXLutz

MAXENERGY and align in values, work methodologies and a shared spirit of innovation. Leveraging these synergies, we unite our strengths to pioneer forward-thinking energy solutions.

Bernd Neider



To earn money with own renewable resources - fast and convenient

Renablr® in brief

You're unlocking fresh, sustainable income streams for your business through renewable energy. By teaming up with a top utility partner and utilizing your own solar panels you offer customers and employees an innovative energy portfolio. With Renablr®, your business effortlessly manages, sells, and trades renewable energy to develop services like green energy tariffs, feed-in services, local peer-to-peer trading, charging solutions, or energy wallets, all while driving towards a greener future.

Integrating Renablr® into your business unlocks automated revenue streams and upselling opportunities while strengthening stakeholder relationships (employees, customers, suppliers), ensuring compliance, and driving sustainability and growth. provides Renablr® as digital platform for efficient renewable energy distribution and management. It enables quick facility integration, enhances stakeholder relationships, and boosts ESG performance through clear KPIs.

Renablr® offers a scalable model aligned with country-specific regulatory frameworks, facilitating quick adaptation to market changes. It enables easy facility integration and capitalizes on new revenue streams while ensuring compliance with all its services - tariff, selling, peer-to-peer trading, and energy communities.

Renablr® presents a collaborative business model where your company earns a stake with each kWh sold, fed in, or traded within your community. The sales strategy relies on your branch network and existing customers to scale quickly and efficiently. and the utility contribute their energy expertise to product development, marketing, sales, and management.

Get greens :) for your employees