Business based on renewable energy

Our state-of-the-art platform seamlessly integrates renewable energy into your core business, generating fresh revenue streams. This transformation empowers your company to become a driving force in the energy transition. Additionally, our range of business services fosters stronger connections with customers and employees, while also enhancing ESG performance. This synergy enables businesses to drive both sustainability and growth concurrently.


we democratize access to renewables for everyone


we empower everyone to share, consume and trade renewable energy



Worlds first platform for new business models in the Internet of Energy

Accessible Solar Power for all (available now with Renablr®)

Data Access, Connection & Disaggregation Portal

P2P Trading of Renewable Energy (Business & Consumer)

E-Mobility Solutions: Charge@Home Charge@Work

Energy-as-a-Currency EaaC® & Renewable Energy Wallet


We unify DERs (distributed energy resources) on a single platform, facilitating the use of essential data and KPIs across multiple objectives. Serving as the operational center for energy transactions, it seamlessly connects resources, individuals, and businesses locally and globally.

Currency based on energy

A renewable, energy-backed currency, enabling payments with energy anytime, anywhere. Through our local, decentralized ecosystem, energy is exchanged instead of traditional currency, ensuring efficient operations, flexible transactions, and accessible green energy for everyone.

Energy-as-a-Currency (EaaC®)

Use your energy surplus to buy non-energy products effortlessly via your personal energy wallet on the platform

Produce, Trade, Pay

Generate your own renewable energy, earn money in return, and use it as the currency of the future



Indulge in your favorite foods while using the stored energy in your car battery for payment


Shop sustainably online and offline using your energy surplus to cover your expenses

Public Transport

Effortlessly navigate through the city, exchanging your renewable energy for public transportation rides


Wherever your journey takes you, with EaaC® your energy is always at hand, right in your wallet, for easy payments


Dive into culture and adventure, using your energy storage to pay for it

Use it everywhere

Your energy surplus opens doors to a sustainable lifestyle and endless possibilities