Product: greens :)

A green energy tariff for your employees and members

greens :) is the ultimate sustainability benefit. It's a win for the environment and your community: Unbeatably priced green energy, 100% locally sourced, backed by a 12 month price guarantee and topped with a €100 energy bonus. Best part? It's completely free for your organization!


Green Energy

Energy Benefit

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All the essentials for a genuine community benefit


Your organization provides 100% local green energy from Austria, including a 12 month price guarantee

No Costs

Cost and risk free for your organization. Extremely affordable tariff with €100 bonus and digital energy platform


Your organization provides the name and logo, we handle the rest and deliver a co-branded landing page within 2 weeks

Strengthen relationships

Offer your employees or members a low-cost, price-guaranteed green energy tariff with a €100 bonus. Make a meaningful contribution to the energy transition while fostering loyalty with this sustainable benefit. No cost or risk to your organization.

What your employees / members get out of this


Green power, great price, 12-month guarantee!


€100 energy bonus for everyone in your community


Fast switch and easy management with our digital portal


Top support, highest customer satisfaction. For all energy inquiries!


100% price transparency! No hidden costs, no surprises


100% local green energy, certified from Austria

In just 2 weeks, your community can start enjoying all greens :) benefits

In 3 simple steps - quick & easy

Setup Meeting

  • In just 1 hour, we'll agree on all the details for the tariff, bonus, and branding


  • In 2 weeks, we'll set up your digital platform and communication channels

You're ready

  • You are able to offer your own affordable green tariff plus €100 energy bonus from us

Other companies have asked us:

The energy bonus is credited to the annual energy bill by the initiative greens :) - a partnership between Greentech venture and MAXENERGY. The credit is applied to the annual bill after 12 months.

greens :) is an initiative by - an Austrian Greentech venture - and energy utility MAXENERGY. Since April 2024, these partners have been offering sustainable, price-supported green energy tariffs as an incentive to Austrian organizations, businesses, and their communities. The goal is to make a green and widespread contribution to the energy transition.

To ensure your employees or members receive the green tariff and €100 energy bonus, simply sign up your organization through our form. We'll get back to you within 48 hours. Your custom energy benefit can be implemented within two weeks.

No. The energy bonus is paid out as a credit on the invoice by the initiative greens :) - a partnership between Greentech venture and MAXENERGY. Your organization can pay out an additional bonus to employees or members. This is individually negotiated.

The €100 energy bonus is deducted only once from the first year's invoice. Even after that, we will continue to offer one of the most affordable green energy tariffs. Your organization is free to provide an additional bonus for your community every year.

The most sustainable incentive out there

Join our community in driving the energy transition. Create sustainable benefits. Engage your employees or members with your organization. Build lasting relationships based on renewable energy.